Sunday, July 20, 2008

Temple Fork with Brice

July 8, 2008,
Brice stayed with us for three days. one of those days we hiked up to the Temple Fork saw mill site, up Logan Canyon.
It is where the lumber was obtained for the Logan Temple between 1877 - 1844. They hauled the wood to Wood Camp and then floated it down to Logan from there. It is a beautiful hike, a lot of shade and tons of yellow and purple wild flowers in bloom, next to the creek.
Brice seemed to really enjoy it. Bob told us faith promoting stories of two boys about 19 yrs. old that worked there and incidences that happened to them. It is so quiet and such a peaceful feeling at the site. We also learned from Bob about a young man and young lady that had met at the site and later were married. This ended up being the great grandparents to the wife of his counselor in the bishopric.
If you would like to hike it, it is an easy hike. I know a great guide and we would love to show you and have a few great stories. The kids would love it and would also be able to play in the water along the way. Little ones could ride on dad's shoulders.