Friday, June 27, 2008

The Garden Tomb and Dead Sea

This was a great day to be able to stand in the Garden Tomb, and partake of the spirit that we felt. It was very humbling to be able to stand where Jesus once lay. It is now a beautiful garden with flowers and walk ways, but we realize that it was not, then, quite the way we see it now.

It is a very reverent place. Everyone around was very respectful and used their soft voices. We sat with our guide and read scriptures about events that took place there and listened to beautiful spiritual music, that he played, and it is a feeling that we will never forget!

This is the actual place where Christ was laid after the crucifixion.

They had to chisel out the foot area, which is on the right, because he was taller than the average Jew.

Now on a lighter note:

We had a fun time with this camel, he was VERY tall and had to kneel on the ground for me to climb on him. Then he got up with me on, and boy did he wobble back and forth. I felt so high. This was taken at Qumron, at the Dead Sea.

Bob was floating in the Dead Sea, he has his tongue hanging out because , he tasted the salt and mineral water and it had a terrible taste. It didn't take any effort to stay afloat. The sea is about 27% minerals. You couldn't sink if you wanted to. Have a great day and remember we love you all and wait for a neat home evening when we can share more. Love you all Grandma and Bob.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Beginning

Hale's Hall began, officially, on July 3rd 2007 in the Ogden, Utah, LDS Temple. We were brought together by a mutual friend. That seems so simple. In reality it is more complicated than that but there isn't room here to go in to all the details of our meeting and dating. We met on the 28th of November and were engaged on Valentine's day. We brought eleven children and 36 grand children into this union. Fortunately for the neighbors none of them live with us! We chose Logan, Utah, for our home where we are surrounded by beautiful mountains and our friends and neighbors. We are sad that not all of our family members live closer.

It seems like our marriage began with an unending series of honeymoons. The official one was to the Oregon Coast, at Newport, where we enjoyed the ocean and it's light houses. A couple of weeks later found us in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu's north east shore in a nice house. It was so peaceful! A couple of more weeks went by and we were in Island Park, Idaho in a huge lodge with Bob's family. Later on we took a road trip to Washington and Oregon to visit other family members.