Sunday, August 29, 2010

Siblings Get Together

Tana, Bob, Hyrum, Nancy, Ron, Linda, Brent

On Friday and Saturday the 27th and 28th me and my brothers Ron and Brent along with Ron's wife, Linda and my sister Nancy along with her husband Hyrum got together to go through all that was left of my mom's stuff to divide it up. There were a lot of photo albums, journals of both mom and dad, genealogy information and other assorted items. While going through things there was a lot of "remembering" about life as we were growing up, on the farm in Groveland, Idaho and later in Blackfoot, when we moved into town. Nancy and Hyrum had just returned from a mission to Russia, Ron and Linda came down from Lacey, Washington and Brent and his son Gary came over from Orangevale, California. It was good to get together. I'm not sure any of us are ready to be the oldest generation!