Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today it was final! We sold the Riverdale house. This house had served it's purpose and we were anxious to sell it. It had been Tana's house until we got married and then it had been Tana's son Joe's house until he married Shelley.

We had been trying to sell it since December. Travis and Sarah went and painted it to cover holes in the walls and it was ready to go. We ran it on classified ads but didn't get much response. The biggest problem is that no one will loan money on manufactured homes unless you own the land they set on and this one is in a park where the lot is rented. It looked as though we would have to carry the contract.

We did get a couple of calls, one from a man who had a bunch of kids but no money and one from a couple we thought would be perfect. The couple was older and retired and they really liked the house but they had just renewed a 6 month lease on the apartment they were living in. They couldn't get out of their lease with out buying themselves out of it and besides they didn't have money enough for the down payment.

Two weeks ago we decided to run it on again and reduced the price. Still no action then Tana's brother Stan found a guy that wanted to buy it and move it to Ephriam but we would have to pay lot rent for the next year on the empty lot. It looked like that might be our only option. BUT WAIT! Tuesday morning Tana got a call from a man who was looking for a house for his daughter and her three kids and had seen the ad on, along with another house in a park just down the road. He asked if we were flexible on the price of the house, for cash. Tana said yes. She told him we could meet him about noon to show it to him. We did meet him and he loved it. He quickly went to get his daughter so she could take a look and by 2 o'clock we had a verbal aggrement to sell it to him. By noon Wednesday we had cash in hand and he had the title to the Riverdale house.

We have a testimony of tithing. On Monday Bob had written a tithing check for the interest we had earned last year, from our investments. That coupled with a lot of prayer paid off for us and we are excited that a nice young lady and her kids have a nice place to live that is affordable and closer to her work. Everyone won!