Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Lost is Found

Frances, Derek, Charla, Bia, Darin, Kari, Christine

This week I had the biggest surprise! I was checking out Facebook when I saw a friend request from someone named Bia Prado from Brazil. Could it be? Was it possible? Was this the same Bia Prado who was an exchange student in our home in 1976? It certainly was. As I looked through the pictures she had posted on Facebook it was fun to try to figure out which one was of her and it didn't take long to realize that she hadn't changed a bit, except for being a little older now. I also figured out her two children and her mother. It brought back a flood of memories of this shy young lady in a strange land with an even stranger family. When I posted the above picture to her on Facebook she responded that she was fat but I told her that it only looked like that because she was wearing so many layers of clothing in an effort to stay warm in our Idaho winter weather. That particular winter was almost without snow in the Burley, Idaho area but one evening it started to snow with huge soft snow flakes falling down. Bia ran out side and opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out so she could catch the snow flakes on her tongue. What a cute girl!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bountiful Temple Openhouse

 August 27th 2012

Sarah Burke and the kids: Garrett, Tyler and Julia invited us to meet them in Brigham City to attend the openhouse for the Brigham City LDS Temple. We were sorry that Travis wasn't feeling well so he stayed home with Austin. We were to meet at the parking lot at 2:45pm. We got there a little early and got a phone call, from Sarah that they were stuck in traffic on I15 because of a bad traffic accident. It turned out a man drove into the back of a semi truck, on the freeway, and was killed. The traffic tie up delayed them about 45 minutes but we were able to go on the tour with no problem. It is really a beautiful temple.

After our tour we went to Subway to get something to eat before heading home. Agreat day!!

Tyler, Sarah, Garrett and Julia

Julia and Sarah

Friday, November 25, 2011

A very sad day six years ago!

Three little girls missing their grandma!

Kelsey Ozmun, Taylor Hale and Cassidy Cochran

Headstone of Frances Caroline Robinson Hale died 21 November 2005

We have each other!

Bagpiper at Frances' burial Logan, Utah cemetery

Charla, Robert, Kari, Derek, Christine and Darin. Her family

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grandma Alice Jones dies

Grandma Alice Marie Jones passed away!

On June 26th Alice Marie Smith Noes Jones died at 5:30 AM, age the age of 88, in the Dearborn County Hospital in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. She was the mother of Frances Carolina Robinson Hale. She was born January 7th 1923 in Mount Hope, Hamilton Co., Ohio to Helen Deborah Smith and Cecil Harry Myers. She married Carl John Robinson (divorced), Lucien Emery (divorced) and Elijah "Joe" Jones. She worked, as a nurse, at Rising Sun Nursing Center, Shady Nook Nursing Home and Woodland Hills Nursing Home. She also worked at Seagrams Distillery.

Alice is survived by a daughter, Bennie Rae (Hank) Shafer of Bright, Indiana; four sons Elijah Jones of Rising Sun, Indiana; Roger (Roxanne) Jones of Rising Sun, Indiana; Murit (Rose Marie) Emery of Clarksville, Tennessee; Tim (Edna) Robinson of Clifton, Idaho; by 21 grandchildren, 41 great grandchildren and 8 great great grandchildren. She was preceeded in death by her parents, her husband and her daughters, Debra Lavelle Jones, Barbara Robinson Ross and Frances Robinson Hale.

Her funeral was on June 30th 2011 and burial was in the Rising Sun, Indiana cemetery.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June 28th 2011

I decided that I better bring this blog more up to date. Mason Ozmun graduated from Mountain Crest High School and got his mission call to the Czech Prauge Mission. We are all very excited for Mason

The middle of June Tana and I went on a trip to the Seattle are to visit with her son Lou and Grandson Brice and then rented a car to drive down to Portland where we were able to visit with Bob's son, Darin and family. Darin, Kelly and Taylor are leaving for Switzerland for two years where Darin will be working. Taylor had a dance recital while we were there, which we were able to attend. This picture is of Taylor with their good friends Tripti and Manali.

After visiting with Darin and family we drove over to the Oregon coast where we had rented a small condo on the beach. We spent most of our time looking out at the beautiful view from our second floor deck.

This is the view of the Yaquina Head lighthouse from our condo.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas on Kaui

This is a Hybiscus, which is the state flower for Hawaii. We left cold Utah on the 16th of December for 8 beautiful days on the Island of Kaui.
We stayed at Aston's Islander on the Beach in Kapaa. Our place was in the Kaui building #132. It had a Queen size bed plus a couch that could pull out into a bed. There was a kitchenette so we could eat in.
This picture is taken out the door condo. The beach was only about 60 feet from our front door. We left the slider door open all night so we could hear the sound of the waves. Oh. heaven!

This is the Wailua river. We rode this river boat up the river to the Fern Grotto. On another day we took a two seat kayak and paddled up to a hidden falls trail.

There was native entertainment up at the Fern Grotto and on the way back to where we boarded the boat.

This is Opaeka Falls.

This is the Wailua falls, which is the one that was at the beginning of the old TV show "Fantasy Island"

This is Waimea canyon. Mark Twayne called it the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

At the end of the Waimea Canyon drive is this look-out . It is on the top of Mt. Wai'ale'ale which is the wettest place on the planet with annual rainfall of 455 inches.

On the north shore of Kaui is Tunnels Beach. The sand is beautiful.

This is the Hanalei valley with all the taro patches. They use the taro to make Poi which is the Hawaiian staple food. It tastes like wall-paper paste but if eaten with Kalua Pork it takes some of the salty taste away from the pork.

Just some beautiful scenery. This happens to be along the Waimea river.

This Mustang convertible saved Bob $35,000 dollars! He rented it for the trip on Kaui and found out he didn't want to buy one after all. It was fun but Tana liked the Seibring we rented on Maui, last year.

This was the sunrise from our front door on our last morning on Kaui.
Merry Christmas and Aloha!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Flash Back

The great matador on her way to battle

Come on little bull!

Oh, I guess the little bull won this one!!!