Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bountiful Temple Openhouse

 August 27th 2012

Sarah Burke and the kids: Garrett, Tyler and Julia invited us to meet them in Brigham City to attend the openhouse for the Brigham City LDS Temple. We were sorry that Travis wasn't feeling well so he stayed home with Austin. We were to meet at the parking lot at 2:45pm. We got there a little early and got a phone call, from Sarah that they were stuck in traffic on I15 because of a bad traffic accident. It turned out a man drove into the back of a semi truck, on the freeway, and was killed. The traffic tie up delayed them about 45 minutes but we were able to go on the tour with no problem. It is really a beautiful temple.

After our tour we went to Subway to get something to eat before heading home. Agreat day!!

Tyler, Sarah, Garrett and Julia

Julia and Sarah


Bob and Tana Hale said...

What was I thinking? It really was the Brigham City Temple. My bad!

Sarah said...

We knew what you meant! :) Thanks again for waiting for us.....and for dinner! We love you both!!