Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Europe trip part 6 (the end!)

Our time in Switzerland over we headed back to Germany on our way home We stayed at Hotel Laterne in Baden Baden, Germany
The plaza out our window of the Hotel Laterne - notice the date of the building 1691
Beautiful garden in Baden Baden, Germany
Baden Baden gardens
Bob and Tana at the Frankfurt Temple, Frankfurt, Germany
Kaiserdom (Kaiser's Cathedral) in Frankfurt, Germany

Altar in Kaiserdom, Frankfurt, Germany

Door to Kaiserdom, Frankfurt, Germany

Three Kings Church in Frankfurt, Germany

Two tired but happy tourists ending their trip in Frankfurt, Germany

Europe trip part 5

We finally had to leave our favorite place, Lauterbrunnen, for Luzern by panorama train.
On the way to Luzern, Switzerland

Covered pedestrian bridge in Luzern, Switzerland

Riverside walk in Luzern, Switzerland

Kramgasse (Kram street) in Bern, Switzerland
Famous Bern bear in Bern, Switzerland

Bikes lined up at Bern, Switzerland bahnhaf

Tana by city wall of Murton, Switzerland - a medieval city

Murton, Switzerland city wall

Murton, Switzerland

Old church at Kerzers, Switzerland

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Europe trip part 4

Our next country was Switzerland with a stop at beautiful Lauterbrunnen

This is the scene outside our window of Staubbach falls

The left side is the barn and the right side is the house
Swiss cow bells under the eaves of a barn
Stechlberg, Switzerland
The Eiger and Monch mountain peakes in the Swiss Alps
The village of Murren, Switzerland

Village of Gimmelwald, Switzerland

House in Gimmelwald, Switzerland

Tana walking the trail down from Gimmelwald to Stechlberg, Switzerland

Friday, June 25, 2010

Europe trip part 3

It was now back to Germany after visiting Austria.
Beautiful lake Konigssee
German country side
Dachau concentration camp perimeter
Tana by prisoner bunks in barracks of Dachau concentration camp
Memorial at Dachau concentration camp, Germany
St Kajstan church, Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany street scene
Country side from Fussen, Germany

Neuschuanstein Castle (Disneyland Castle) as Schwangau, Germany

Why walk when you can ride to the castle, Schwangau, Germany

Bob and Tana at Schwangau, Germany

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trip continued

I noticed that I started out yesterday's blog by saying we left on June 16th when we actually left May 16th. Oh, well, that's what happens when you get old!
Alter in St. Stephan's church in Vienna, Austria
Hofberg Palace, Vienna, Austria
Street in Vienna, Austria
Botanical gardens in Baden, Austria
Altar in cathdral in Salzberg, Austria

Fresco in Archbishop's palace in Salzberg, Austria

Hohansalzberg Fortress in Salzberg, Austria

Tana with street performer in Salzberg, Austria

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Europe trip

June 16th we left for Europe. Luckily the volcano in Iceland behaved itself and didn't cause us any problem getting to Frankfurt, Germany. Immediately upon arrival at Frankfurt we headed to Wurzberg. Germany by train. We had Eur-rail pass which gave us prepaid travel for 21 days in first class accomodations. I will cover the trip a little at a time.

Archbishops Palace, Wurzberg, Germany

Church in Wurzberg, Germany

Field of Canola in Germany

Gate in wall, Rothenberg, Germany
Rothenberg, Germany

Tana eating Rothenberger Schneeballen

Marketplatz, Nurnberg, Germany

Fountain in Nurnberg, Germany