Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy Month

A lot has happened this month beginning with the passing of Bob's mom, Lois, on the 6th of March. She was 95 years old. We had great support from our families. Bob's brothers, Ron and Brent came with many of their family members and his sister, Nancy, who is serving a mission in Moscow, Russia was represented by her daughter Julie and her family. Tana's family came to the viewing in a show of support, which was appreciated. Even though Lois is now free from suffering there is an empty place in our hearts.
Kari , Steve, Adam, Molly, Tom, Kelly and Darin

Chris, Jake, Mason, McKenna, Mark, Hennley, Christine and Beck

This week was a week of school musicals with Rich High School performing "Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" . Tana's grandaughter Megan was in it. We went on Wednesday night and enjoyed being able to see her.
Meg Muirbrook in the middle

Thursday night we went to the Mount Logan Middle School to see Bob's grandson, Hunter, in "Flower Power". He seems to be following in the footsteps of his dad, with his musical talent.

Hunter Hale in the middle